I am Disney

On Friday, June 14th, artist and educator Josie Mai facilitated two classes for ‘Tweens (ages 12-14). The first group came from Joplin’s Boys and Girls Club. The second group was an open sign-up from the Spiva community.  Josie had the students browse through huge piles of Disney character coloring pages, enjoying the nostalgia of particular movies and characters, such as Lion King, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Students were then led through a discussion and worksheet about identifying personally with the complexities of three Disney characters. For example, Josie included Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, because she feels she “lights the way” for art in Joplin, and that makes her happy.

Some of the worksheet ideas:

I am sometimes like Pumba because I try to be positive about everything and not worry.

I am sometimes like Ariel because I love to explore new things.

I am sometimes like Stitch because I am curious.

I am sometimes like Pooh because I have a big heart.

I am sometimes like Flower because he’s lazy and I’m lazy.

I am sometimes like Thumper because I am a percussionist.

I am like Nemo because I was gone from my dad for a long time and eventually got back with him.

I am sometimes like Woody because I’m always wanting to help people.

Once characters and composition were decided, the mixed media paintings were created with Sharpies, crayons, and gouache.

Special thanks to art educator Olivia Gude, whose original curriculum was adapted for Spiva. Find more about Olivia’s projects here:


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