Meet Sandra Conrad

What is your role in this exhibit? What kind of art do you make or support?  

I consider my role in the Artworkers exhibit to be a contribution of thought and creativity that helps describe one way of life in Southwest Missouri. I have enjoyed working with the other artists involved and hope to continue being a part of a strong network of artistic minds from the area. I make and support art that expresses humanity’s relationship with itself and nature in ways that are often emotional or overlooked.

Is making stuff really work for you, or is it play? Why? Why even engage in the arts?

Art is my passion, my job, and my life; I devoted my career to it over ten years ago and, though often difficult, would never change that decision. Art in all forms is what separates humanity from the rest of the natural world. Only humans have the ability to communicate through texture, line, color, rhythm, and design in a way that expresses deep and meaningful emotions, connecting with others without saying a word. A person’s true self is shown through the way they create or respond to artwork.

What is your perception of the ArtWorkers exhibit and your involvement in it? 

The Artworkers exhibit is a wonderful example of the diversity of artists in the area; I am honored to be a part of such an outstanding group of artistic individuals. We have all collaborated pieces of ourselves to create a show that invites and persuades the public to look closer at art, as well as issues addressed on the show (such as nature, family, and politics).

Any advice for future ArtWorkers? 

For all the future Artworkers: follow your passion, it’s what you will be best at; find the beauty in all things, so that you can express it to those who would otherwise miss the opportunity; and forget the word “can‘t”, because you can do whatever you set your mind to.



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