Meet Gene Arehart

What is your role in this exhibit? What kind of art do you make or support?  

I am a visual artist. The art I make, is whatever feels good. Here lately though, I have been quite Politically charged. I do vote Conservative, which is a rarity in the art world. I love Shepard Fairey’s art, but not his political views. That is my opinion, however, I am sure he would not like my political views. I just know that a lot of his art was against Bush, Reagan, and Nixon, as well as other politcal views. I just thought it was time to do art, showing views from a Conservative point of view. The media, general public makes Obama untouchable if you disagree. That is why I love America, I can have my own views and use my voice/art, to it’s fullest without repercussion from the Government, well maybe (another story as of late).

Is making stuff really work for you, or is it play? Why? Why even engage in the arts?

Yes, art is a great release (and it is fun). Engage in the arts, HMMMMMM. It is a great release for me.

What is your perception of the ArtWorkers exhibit and your involvement in it? 

It is a great exhibit, Hugh has let the community come in and voice their opinion, and participate. My involvement is being a visual artist and get to share my opinion with many, even if they agree or disagree.

Any advice for future ArtWorkers? 

My advice would be PASSIONATE about ArtWorkers.



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