Acoustic Jam


photo 1

photo 2

Unpredictable, unperfected, infectious music and stories in the Main Gallery of an Art Center?? Why, yes. It happened, and you should have been there. Terry Mai on harmonica, Lucille Hubbard on homemade washboard, David Hill “Doc Bones” on bones, and Tony Burkoetter on guitar lit up the room with tunes such as Jambalaya, Sounds of Silence, and various Johnny Cash. Josie Mai tried tried harmonizing and playing the tambourine. Audience members toe-tapped, hand-clapped and listened to the musicians tell stories about gigs and venues of the past. Lucille showed Jo Mueller, Spiva Director, all of the beautiful working parts attached to her washboard, including shotgun shells on her fingers labeled 1-5 to remind her which fingers to put them on. But lately, she says, she just puts them on the fingers that fit. We were all tickled to learn Lucille worked many long years for Eaglepicher, the company that happens to have sponsored ArtWorkers! Thank you for sharing your music, Lucille. And thanks for the sponsorship, EaglePicher Technologies! Play on.


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