Meet Jacque McDonald

What is your role in this exhibit? What kind of art do you make or support?  

My role is a visual artist…I sculpt inner emotion, conversation and thoughts.  I am a sculptor of children.

Is making stuff really work for you, or is it play? Why? Why even engage in the arts?

Of course in the beginning it was work but as the work progresses it begins to have life and feeling of a real little person. When doing the details I actually pull from within, when I interview the person I sculpt or watch them, I observe the mannerism and try to match that with my work.  I thoroughly enjoy my work and I’m excited each day I have to privilege to know the person I’m sculpting.  My desire is to convey expressions, thoughts and the true inner person of my subject. In doing so I become a better person.  I understand children are important and their story is important by placing myself in their world I can feel what they feel and find the emotions of their reality.  Clay is play.

What is your perception of the ArtWorkers exhibit and your involvement in it? 

Invigorating; it is so interactive and there is so much for everyone to feel part of; be it a painting, music, dance or photos it is an experience only one can have if they come.  Honestly, I had no idea how in the world this would come together, it totally blows me away by the reaction of the public and the artists involved.

Any advice for future ArtWorkers? 

Dream it make it and enjoy the moment; your art becomes the world’s and enjoy the results.   Remember, no one else does it just like you.



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