Meet Stacey Barelos

What is your role in this exhibit? What kind of art do you make or support?

I am the music curator for the 2013 Joplin ArtWorkers exhibit.  I am a classical piano player and composer, both often existing in more experimental traditions.

Is making stuff really work for you, or is it play? Why? Why even engage in the arts?

I love to create and when I have the time, this act is “play”, absolutely.  Unfortunately, with the state of the arts today, I simply cannot afford to create at will.  Creation for me is often a combination of pure creativity mixed in with the push of deadlines.  Of course, this only speaks to the creation of new works as a composer.  As a piano player, my work is a combination of creator and athlete.  I interpret, explore, practice, stretch, practice, practice, practice…perform.

Why engage in the arts?  We must engage in the arts to continue to create a cultural heritage for ourselves.  When we do not do that, our artistic heritage is based primarily on a popular culture not created by the hearts and minds of thoughtful artists but simply by consumer demand.

What is your perception of the ArtWorkers exhibit and your involvement in it?

My perception of the ArtWorkers exhibit is a delightful mix of vastly varied and talented visual artists from the region with a bit of the other arts mixed in.  My perception of my role is that I’m an organizer and contributor.

Any advice for future ArtWorkers? 

My advice for future ArtWorkers is to run with your enthusiasm.  If you have ideas, get them started early.  If you come from a different area of the arts (music, poetry, dance, etc…), and haven’t done a lot of collaborating before, don’t be surprised if the visual art world seems to work in a completely different pace and format than you are accustomed.  Just do your thing!





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