Opening Night on May Third Thursday

Such energy at the opening night! A constant flow of families and friends, some who had never been to Spiva. So many baby strollers, you had to watch your step! There was interaction between the exhibition and the viewer in every space in the art center. You could get photographed with the Statue of Liberty, write what you wanted to be liberated from and post it, create a better president, and even pose with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers as they wandered through the galleries. As ArtWorkers conceiver Hugh Merrill puts it, “It’s not art until the viewer has an experience with it”. In addition, in the lobby there is a feedback hub where viewers can tell Spiva what they think about the show and special events, as well as a giant flag shelf where the public can bring in red, white, and blue objects to place on the shelves (don’t expect to get them back). Make sure you stop by several times, attending the special events such as Saturdays art with Hugh 11-2, adding to the family portrait wall, and checking out Finding Lincoln. There is something for everyone at ArtWorkers. This exhibit is about YOU, US.

Pictured Below:

Shaun Conroy, Josie Mai, Caley Churchwell, Linda Kyger, Stormtrooper

Hugh Merrill and Josie Mai, artists and creators of the ArtWorkers

First gallery in Main Gallery where community art projects will happen each Saturday 11-2

Hugh giving an opening night talk to the general public, artists behind him.




Hugh Talk


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